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If any of the topics below would be suitable for your group, or you would like to schedule a general presentation on Financial Planning, please contact Frank McKinley, Investment Professional at 973-515-5184, email Frank or complete our request for information form.

All Spring 2018 semester classes are offered Pro bono from 7:00 – 8:30 PM at 265 Westville Ave., West Caldwell,  07006 though the schools charge a nominal fee to cover utilities and custodial servicesSee How to Enroll at the end of the list.

Adult Education Schedule – Spring 2018

Investing with a Long Term Focus

When your investment objective is to maximize gains you can’t be distracted by noise from the web, print media and ‘running with the herd’.  It’s best to have clearly defined goals & objectives which reflect your time horizons, ability to accept risk or need for safety.  In this course you will learn what the market has done over time and how to take advantage of it.

Wednesday, March 21 – 7-8:30 PM – James Caldwell High School

Making Your Nest Egg Last (Building Wealth in Retirement)

You care for your health in hopes of living a long and happy life but it’s also important to plan for your financial health so you have the funds to last that long.  At Making Your Nest Egg Last – Strategies for sustainable retirement income you’ll learn how to take steps now to help prevent living past your assets. It’s actually much simpler than you may think.  You’ll learn tactics that can help create a lifetime income stream, maximize net worth, and minimize taxes.  We’ll explore basic financial terms like “asset allocation”, “diversity,” and learn why they can be helpful in insulating you against the ups and downs of the market.  The only things you have to lose are sleepless nights worrying about your future.

Wednesday, March 28 – 7-8:30 PM – James Caldwell High School

Securing Social Security (Updated for 2018)

Navigating the maze of Social Security can be overwhelming!  When should you file for Social Security…at the same time as Medicare? Can creditors attach your Social Security benefits?  How much of an increase do you get by postponing your benefit from 62 to 70? Should you start benefit at 62 and continue working?  Answers to these and other questions will be provided in this timely workshop.

Wednesday, April 4 – 7:00-8:30 PM – James Caldwell High School

Understanding Healthcare Costs in Retirement – The ABCs of Medicare

Understanding and estimating healthcare costs in retirement; What Medicare covers, what it doesn’t, and what it costs; Strategies to manage and cover healthcare costs in retirement.  The answers will be discussed at this comprehensive workshop.

Wednesday, April 11 – 7-8:30 PM – James Caldwell High School

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