Frankly Financial is a personal investing and financial planning company

What is Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is more than just stocks and bonds

  • Are you buying your first home?
  • Do you need a new car?
  • Have you considered how to fund your child’s education?
  • Have you considered how to fund your retirement?
  • Will you be selling a business (or interest in one) soon?
  • Do you have a Will, Power of Attorney and Estate Plan?
  • How will you fund Long Term Care, if needed?
  • Do you manage debt wisely?

Personal financial planning includes Saving and Investing for a variety of things. A key part of personal financial planning is Risk Management which helps identify where best to invest your money and prevent loss.

A good personal financial plan by a reputable investment professional also encompasses managing the risks of life itself with various types of insurance ranging from Life, Health and Disability to Long-Term Care Coverage.

If you would like help with financial planning, and understanding the somewhat confusing terms of the industry, and Frank McKinley can help!

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