Insurance Coverage Options and Considerations

You probably remember the advertisement that said, “Nobody likes to talk about life insurance”. And while that may be true, nobody wants to leave their loved ones in a financial crisis when they’re going through an emotional one.

Life insurance is an important part of retirement planningWhat would your family do if you weren’t here to provide for them tomorrow morning? How would you pay for a major medical procedure for any family member without health insurance? What will help pay the mortgage and bills during a prolonged recovery if you haven’t got disability insurance?

Many have these as benefits on their job, but as employers cut costs more and more people find these benefits are cut back or just cut out. Even if you have two or three times annual pay as a life insurance benefit, you only have it as long as you have your job. What then? Same for disability insurance and health insurance after COBRA runs out.

If you’ve chosen self employment, all these expenses are yours to cover, perhaps through your business, but somehow you must pay for them. Nationwide Planning Associates and Frank McKinley find you the best possible rates on all types: life insurance, health insurance and disability insurance through a system of competitive bidding by major carriers. Whether you are located in New Jersey or a nearby state, Frank McKinley can find coverage that fits your budget.

Employers, too, have concerns with their group coverage and can be helped by the efforts of an independent like Frank McKinley. Contact Frank with your requirements to learn more.

Do you need Long Term Care Insurance? Our discussion may help you decide.