IRA Roll-Over Benefits

Add choice and flexibility to your retirement plan

Learn the Importance of Retirement PlanningRolling over a retirement plan (401k, 403b, 404c, pension, profit sharing, SEP, SIMPLE or ESOP) into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can yield a number of benefits for investors who are leaving their jobs or retiring. Whether you’re looking for estate-planning flexibility, expanded investment choices, or more control over your required minimum distributions, if you identify with even one of the following statements, a Rollover IRA may be just what you.’re looking for.

  • I want more investment choices in my retirement plan.
  • I want to pass money on to my heirs.
  • I have retirement accounts in more than one place and want to minimize RMD problems.
  • I’m thinking about retiring before age 55, and may need to tap my retirement savings.
  • I want to control the amount of income I get from my retirement plan each year.
  • I want to decide which investments to draw from for required minimum distributions.
  • I want to prolong the tax deferral of my retirement plan for my heirs.
  • I want less paperwork associated with my retirement plans.

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