Want to help YOUR KIDS – Consider a 529 College Plan

Tax-FREE distribution; Potential financial aid!

What’s not to like?

May 29 (5-29) is National College Fund Day!

Did you know you can help fund you child’s or grandchild’s college education on a tax-FREE basis* AND potentially receive financial aid (for NJ residents see attachment)?

Why use a 529 College Plan?

  • Easy to establish
  • Professional management
  • Flexible contributions
  • Control over withdrawals

*Tax benefits** – Growth is tax-deferred and if used for secondary education is free from Federal income tax and many State’s Income tax.

Please call me to discuss the benefits of helping fund a 529 plan for your child, grandchild, or a friend’s child. There are also estate planning benefits which may help you and your grandchild. Plans can be funded with a single check, a systematic investment, or an accelerated program to maximize estate planning. And the account owner maintains control over the withdrawals in case your needs ever change.

And Financial Aid is available for NJ residents

based on how much you invest, and for how long.

**Please Click here for More Information

If you or anyone you know has questions about this, please call me 973-515-5184!