Why buy NOW?

If ‘buy low’ isn’t enough for you, here are five reasons to invest in the market now:

  1. What causes recessions isn’t happening now.
  2. U.S. exposure to China is minimal.
  3. U.S. companies are getting more efficient.
  4. Consumers are in good shape.
  5. Stocks are reasonably priced.

(Paraphrased from an article by Rick Newman, Yahoo Finance Feb. 9, 2016.)

Add in the power of compounding AND tax deferral to see why an early IRA contribution is so valuable! They can be made as early as Jan. 2 every year and as late as April 15 for the PRIOR year. But how about for the CURRENT year? They too can be made as early as Jan. 2 of the current year.

Why wait for the rush just before April 15 when money is pouring into the market often pushing share prices up? Why don’t you take advantage of a dip in the market and BUY LOW as you can today?

If you’re unsure of your eligibility to fund an IRA, PLEASE call me. Chances are you’re eligible, we just have to figure out what’s best: Traditional deductible or non; or ROTH. I can help with this but must know you want my guidance. So please, call or email me TODAY while the market is still on sale!

Call or email TODAY to arrange an appointment and discuss IRA and other investments in this Buyer’s Market!

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